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Monkey Fan

If a day of swinging through the corporate jungle has got you in a sweat... read more

Parrot Fan

Standing slightly less than three feet tall, the popular Parrot figurine... read more

Cat Outdoor Fans

Check out the attitude on our swanky and statuesque Cat fan! This classy... read more

Deer Fan

Yes, dear…it’s a deer! Keeping cool goes Bambi with our han... read more

Dog Outside Fan

Yes, that’s man’s best friend! Keeping cool goes to the dogs... read more

Pelican Fan

Make a splash with our fan-tastic Pelican fan! From that bright beady ey... read more

Pineapple Fan

Our delicious Pineapple fan brings a refreshing tropical vibe to any dec... read more

Bengal Tiger Fan

This tiger really roars! From his long tail to his black-striped body, t... read more

Carolina Rooster Fan

Let our classy fowl strut his stuff on your kitchen counter or come to r... read more

Horse Fan

Add a touch of equine class to your home with our best-selling Horse fan... read more

Frog Fan

Don’t worry, be happy, is the message our witty Frog fan ... read more

Gator Fan

Meet Gator! With his snaggle-toothed snout and scaly green skin... read more

Elephant Fan

Bring a taste of Asia home, with our classy Elephant figurine fan. Made ... read more

Tropical Fish Fan

Feeling a bit landlocked? Get back in the swim of fan-tastic home decor ... read more